About Linda.Bailey

10 years ago, whilst I had the freedom of doing Freelance work (market research); I made the decision (its now or never) to purse a passion of mine that I've had for years, and that is to perform/act. Initially I previously had done some amateur stage shows between 1992-2004 and enjoyed them. Then in 2009 met someone who worked as a supporting artist for the BBC and they gave me their Agents details - so I was on my way. Then in 2010 after meeting Eve Myles whilst working alongside her on Baker Boys, I made another decision to step up and develop my acting skills even further. I'm proud to say, after completing a number of Acting Workshops and gaining 'real' experience with Student Filming etc. I achieved Spotlight status in 2014. Proving its never too late to learn or fulfill your dreams !!


‘Fish Bowl’ is a black comedy set in the South Wales Valleys and produced by Requiem Pictures.

I play Auntie Mair, who is a salt of the earth character, who can talk for Wales !!

Student Films 2016

  1. ‘Sandwich’  Where I play a wife walking with her husband in a Park

2) ‘The Case’  Where I play an admin worker in a Police Station in this Short Drama

3) ‘Absolute Flankers’  Where I play an overprotective Mother in this Comedy Short

4) ‘P(Inch)’  Where I play the Mother, Gail Wright in this Comedy Short